Life in the Slow Lane

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Will you resist or trust the process??

Most runners will likely be running their easy runs harder than they should be, with the pressures of social media the easy run isn't given the respect it fully deserves.

Runners believe that you get fast by running fast more. You need to understand those quality sessions (speed sessions) and slower longer runs serve different purposes if you are consistently running your medium/long runners at race pace.....well you're on a one-way road to injury!


'The benefits happen as a function of time spent running, not speed'


Easy pace is typically running at around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate, providing you with the fundamental adaptions you require to move on to more quality workouts. At this pace, you should be able to have a conversation without it interfering with your breathing.


'a conversational pace '


These run's you will be utilising your slow-twitch muscle fibres. They have a higher density of mitochondria which are classically known as the 'powerhouse' cells, they help build more capillaries for better blood and oxygen flow to your muscles including your heart.

Laying down a good foundation or base, as it's sometimes referred too, will help reduce the risk of developing injuries such as tendinitis and stress fractures when you push yourself too fast of a pace on your easy/recovery runs.

Easy runs are just as important as the hard days because they allow your body to absorb more intense efforts and your body is able to really benefits from the harder runs later on in the plan.


Easy runs; “free from trouble or pain” - JACK DANIELS


If you are currently running a 50:00 minute 10km that's about 8:00/mi (5:00/km) your easy run should be somewhere around 9:53-10:52/mi (6:08-6:45/km). NOW, that may feel uncomfortable, running that slow, try it and stick at it will start to see the benefits soon.

Not all your long runs will be low and slow, if you want and need some focus to your training then you can get in touch at, bespoke coaching packages available.


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