Dehydration & Performance

As the warmer weather arrives it’s important to focus on making sure you are well hydrated even more.

Many of us forget or just neglect taking on fluids before, during and after our runs. Trust me; I’ve heard many excuses for why runners don’t hydrate during their runs and even beforehand.

Yes, carrying fluids with you on a run may be an inconvenience, or just another detail to consider before you step out the door. Runners will generally prioritise nutrition in the fear of hitting the wall, but it's dehydration that will stop you way before your fuel reserves run low.

Why is hydration so important?

To stay hydrated is key for your body to properly function. This is especially important during warmer conditions as; we lose most of our water through sweating, which takes the heat with it, as it evaporates helping the body to cool down.

BUT……in more humid conditions the body struggles as the air is already saturated with moisture and our sweat can’t evaporate as much.

What to drink?

As plain water will pass through the body a little too quickly, and without the necessary sugars needed to start the recovery or top up on lost nutrients.

With so many sports drinks on the market, it’s important also to find one that works for you. Sports drinks will contain different combinations of fast and slow-releasing sugars. You will also find high levels of sodium, chloride and potassium, which will help replenish what you lose.

Testing different drinks in training is key, I also like to test ones throughout the day not just when I'm running. this gives me a chance to see how it settles and tastes.

Some Top Tips

- Start drinking at least 2 hours before a run. 300-500ml of fluids would be an ideal start point depending on the weather and if it's going to be a warm one.

- Don't 'binge' drink!! Leaving it too late and then 5 minutes before going out, you neck a pint of water isn't going do the job. It will just sit in the stomach and bounce about.

- if its a super warm one, try making a slushy (ice), and even half fill your bottle up with slushy and add a sports drink to it

If you have any questions then please get in touch, if you are interested in any coaching you can email OR complete the coaching request form


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