The Out & Back Run

One of my favorite sessions purely because it's such a simple one to do. You can leave the pressure of your GPS watch at home and just slip your trainers on and go.

Out & Backs can be done anywhere, they are a progression type of run as they are generally used to run the second half faster than the first half - a navigate split

I always include an out and back run at least once a month with my run club and it's always enjoyed. It's a great way to learn about pacing and also helps as you are finishing the run fast and pushing to the finish line.

As my club runners now it's all about finishing strong we want that during our races so that how we train. No matter the session we wont to finish fast and strong.

Here's a couple of examples:

1. Run out for 15 mins at a steady pace (half marathon pace)

Run back in 13-14 mins

2. Run out for 20 mins at a steady pace (HM pace)

Run back in 18-19 mins

3. Run out to a certain point (2 miles) record your time and simply run back faster.

So, give the out & back run again and see how you get on. Focus on holding a good leg turn over especially on the second half and finish strong. If you not do them before start off with the 15 min effort and once you cracked that increase times/distance.


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