My 10in10 No Cure Always Hope

As some of you know I'm going to be running the 10in10 No Cure Always Hope Ultra Challenge. A challenge that will undertake 39 miles and 17'000ft of some of the most amazing Lake District Fells.

So my training so far!

Kong on top of Great Gable - BG Leg4

The last 6 weeks, my training seen me out on the fells, starting off with The Kong Running Bob Graham Relay.

Dan and myself (Boy Band Leg) ran Leg 4. Before that, I had a 6-week block of mile training, so you could imagine the shock my legs felt when told we were doing our BG Relay! Had to be done before Kong reopened though. We finished our leg in 3:31 which both of us were over the moon with.

So with that massive buzz of the BG Relay, I continued in the fells. My training focus is on ascent, trying to get the legs stronger on the ups, knowing that that is the weakest area in my running. It's time to getting focused!!

Back to work, run club duties for me, means I have to adjust my training times to very early mornings. I've been blessed with some of the most amazing running! Up for 5am, running by 6 and up on Skiddaw summit 70 minutes later, glorious.

Morning on Skiddaw - Photos 1 Credit @ Jacob Adkin

Over the last 5 weeks I've been up Skiddaw 7 times, sometimes straight up and down, or up and over and heading back via the Cumbrian Way and Glenda. I've loved Skidda' that must I've entered the Skiddaw race by Keswick AC - up and down, I must be daft!

Latrigg, Walla, The Kong Borrowdale Dash, have all been regular routes. I'm feeling stronger on the ups, still, not easy but I can see the progress, tracking all my runs has shown that, quicker up Skiddaw, and I will sometime let loose on Latrigg and put in a TT effort up and down which I've also improved on, RESULT!!

The Route

What next, well I'm just having a few days recovery after a 13-day training block - some number on that where:

Distance: 123 miles (198km)

Ascent: 27'00ft (8'144m)

My long run is currently 2.5 hours, I will be getting out on the 10in10 route to increase time on feet (TOF) and to reece some sections.

I've planned two 23 mile loops of the route which I also hope will give me an idea of a time for the challenge, I have one in mind but that's hush....hush for now!

Over the next few weeks I'll be covering a couple of topics: what kit I carry and my nutrition, so stay tuned.

As part of the challenge, I'm looking to raise some money for MS. If you can spare anything then it would be much appreciated.

Sponsorship -

For any information on coaching from DCH then check out:

For more information on the 10in10 and the story behind it all then check it out OR you can even be involved by signing up to the 5in5, 10in10 walks. Links -


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