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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Runner Stretching

Runners often neglected strength on a whole, beginner runners and experienced, more focus goes on getting those all important miles in.

I'm just going to focus on one the main powerhouse muscle groups that drive us while running, the GLUTES!!

The glutes are made up of 3 individual muscles:

-Gluteus maximus (responsible for extending the hip joint)

-Gluteus medius (responsible for hip abduction and thigh rotation)

-Gluteus minimus (responsible for hip abduction and thigh rotation)

Firstly, stronger glutes will help keep the pelvis steady, the torso and legs aligned which allows you to generate maximum force possible, making you run stronger, faster and longer with good form. Surely that's a good enough reasons to add-in some glute work.

Secondly, it will certainly reduce the likelihood for picking up a serious injury. As with any strength work its going to help the body become stronger, align the muscle groups, and prevent the risk of injuries through improving your running form.

Why do the glutes feel neglected?


Our glutes have good reason to feel neglected in the modern day, lifestyle factors can play a big part. Sitting down is the biggest issue that most of us have to contend with, sat at a desk or in a car all day, sat around watching the tele night after night, this behaviour/activity makes our Glutes weak and they become inactive.

Training Habits -

Most recreational runners these days just lace up and straight out the door in a run, no warm up! If you are heading out for an easy run then maybe don't worry too much about a warm up, but I would finish with some strides.

When it comes to a tempo run or speed work a good warm must defiantly be included in to your session. Running form drills help fire up (activate) the Glutes and other muscle groups ready for the session ahead. Your training plan should include speed work and some hills, such workouts are great for building strong glutes.

What's strength work? -

This is the time you are really going to hit the glutes directly. You don't have to have a gym membership you can just add in some bodyweight exercises at home or in the park.

Yes the hills are going to help improve running strength BUT nothing replaces a good strength routine!

Some simple glute exercises -

- Squats

- Bridges

- Single Leg deadlifts

- Banded Monster Walks


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